Get total control of your calls with Spondi

Spondi is the mobile application that gives you total control of your calls, whether it’s on your spare time or at work.

Spondi Business – the new mobile exchange generation

Business is the easy to use cloud-based mobile exchange, all in one single application. With Business it’s easy to manage absence settings and gain better control of the telephony. It provides the possibility to create menu options, redirect calls to colleagues and answer groups, visual presence and even the possibility to record your calls.

Spondi Pro – turns your phone into a secretary

Prp offers unlimited answering options, caller identification and the possibility to personalise all answering options. You can also choose from 40 different absence settings. It also includes all the functionality from the Free-version. The cost is as low as 19-25 SEK per month depending on your subscription. When downloading Spondi you get to try Pro for three months before it turns to Free.

Spondi Free – The free visual voicemail

Free is as the namne implies free of charge and includes a visual voicemail and three specific interactive answers and absence settings. You can invite others to try Spondi by sharing your unique invite code. Once the invite is accepted, Spondi Pro is unlocked for two months.